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BizDoc Overview

The BizDoc solution suite is the leading e-BPM Workflow solutions for Document Routing, Decision Making, Budget Monitoring and Business Process Management (BPM)

Recognizing that a key to successful operation depends on effective management and organization culture, Business Process Management (BPM) is referred to operations that follow a path of actions, human and non-human, the order and schedule of which are determined by the type and specific data related to such operations. Such operation may be an invoice approval workflow followed by automatic transmission to enterprise financial system. Other examples are QA process, sale approval, reports’ publishing, regulation compliance, etc.

BPM has been sometimes also perceived as an industry demand for coordination of operations between corporate multiple applications, such as ERP, CRM and email; or in other words coordination and integration between such applications.

BizDoc offers a practical environment and easy to use development tools for definition, monitoring and control of Business Processes at large.

In its foundation, BizDoc assumes that each business process is documented by a cover form that includes the information required for decision making.

So in fact BizDoc routes information about the process and the decisions made along its life cycle. Further more, BizDoc form is used as a primary documentation of the process.

A process may be driven by applications or devices, or initiated by human, and then it may be forwarded through managerial personnel within the company or outside it for review, editing and approval, as well as forwarded to devices such as printers or applications.

Ready to use forms and reports related to common processes are available from a system library and may be customized and added according to customer’s specific requirements.

Flexible and user defined workflow mechanism ensures compliance of processes at the right order and in time.

BizDoc can be implemented as standalone or being integrated with other enterprise applications for fast integration.

As one of the worlds most accomplished alternatives for Process Management, we have created complimentary applications/modules/solutions that can be easily implemented throughout the organization.

Fully scalable, BizDoc provides a unified desktop for practical, simple as well as complex BPM applications, such as of operations, procurement, travel, expenditure, engineering, manufacturing, QA, HR, customer services and helpdesk processes.

BizDoc connects and integrates with enterprise applications and databases Such as: Oracle Applications, SAP Business One, Priority, ATRIS, Baan, Progress Software, and MFG/PRO.

BizDoc operates on common Microsoft platforms, using industry’s standards, and is accessible using Internet browsers.

Product Architecture

BizDoc engine is responsible for forwarding the process to users and devices along the route, monitor performance and initiate alarms based on pre-defined rules by and the actual data on the process-form.

BizDoc Process Designer is a graphic tool enabling definition of the workflow of a process and the activities that should take place along the path of the process.

BizDoc offers a library of ready-to-use processes for many purposes, such as: human resources handling, procurement, business travel and more.

BizDoc can be integrated with company applications using standard API’s, gathering input from applications, devices, manual input and check-in in an application, releasing process for approval based on rules.

Other corporate applications may be triggered in workflow to accomplish tasks such as running a procurement application by an ERP system, or invoicing a customer by a finance system.

BizDoc also offers user clients for industry-leading portals, allowing users to work within a familiar environment and way-of-work, added with new process, open, inbox, forward and other options, customized by customer at setup.

Regulation Compliance

This new BizDoc.Net based package is a tremendous move forward in complying Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Already used by companies traded in NASDAQ, this solution provides a ready made set of forms and procedures that companies may use and customize to fit their specific requirements.

Inherent characteristics of BizDoc enable fast and easy implementation of SOX requirements.

One of the many key benefits one should get out of any workflow system is the ability to actually enforce business rules within an enterprise. The SOX Act requires periodic evaluation and documentation of internal controls and procedures that are put in place for the purpose of producing financial information.

Furthermore, it requires that the CEO and the CFO must certify the existence of those controls and must sign-off on the veracity of their organization’s financial reports on a periodically basis. A workflow system is designed to overlay existing software systems that are already in place and with it you can derive as well as drive complete processes and controls from beginning to end. In doing so it monitors all the activity, keeping track of and recording all the required events that must take place. If something happens in any of the processes that break, falls out of, or falls short of the rules, any sort of method and notification is possible, from process stoppage, to automatically generating alarms, to automatically sending out emails, messages, or whatever. A subsequent benefit from these systems, therefore, is the ability to trace complete and accurate audit trails that can be reviewed at any time.

So, how do we do it with BizDoc:

SOX Specific Processes

– Simple to develop and to execute, online specific control processes that enable reporting and monitoring financial aspects of processes such as Risk, Control, Process. Each SOX-control process is routed through defined stages of Documentation, Review, Test, Sign Off, and includes definition / description of the process, its frequency, the roles of the participants, etc. Building of procedural processes with workflow routing rules is the essence of BizDoc. Automatic scheduling of processes is also possible, for example quarterly/monthly reports, samples QC, etc.

Other Processes

– Enterprise existing processes such as HR, Sales, Procurements, etc. that should include SOX controls. Such processes require additional workflow destinations where SOX regulations are applied. These workflow destinations may include security officers, comptrollers, legal advisors, and any other SOX experts. BizDoc easy to use administration enables fast, and non-programming modifications of workflow routing rules. Other standard functionality of BizDoc such as the Budget Matrix, the Trace, the Log, and Version fulfill most of the requirements.

Using BizDoc product-level controls

– Enforcement of SOX controls are applicable in any process that is run by BizDoc. These controls are:

  • Informative Windows – initiated by clicking special buttons, providing specific information such as why, what, and how the task or step has to be performed. Closing the windows by clicking “Accept”/”Comply”/”Cancel”.
  • Enforced Procedure – Dialog boxes that automatically popup before and/or after a task/step is performed, enforcing the individual to confirm by-the-book execution. Such confirmation is added to the Process form as evidence and the read document is attached to the Process form.
  • Process Content Building – similar to the informative Windows with additional options available to authorized personnel as initiators, enabling modification of existing documents, and creating new documents, the properties of which apply as Informative Windows and Enforced Procedures after being approved by authorized executives. In other words, any modification or a new procedure initiates a workflow process to approve the new version.

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