BizDoc Main Features

  • Version control

  • History traceable log

  • Enforce authentication – signatures upon selected actions

  • Active reports – links from reports into specific document

  • Reused personal report profiles

  • Procurement (PRS, PO, RFQ, CAPEX, Dead Stock)

  • TBX (Travel, Travel Expense, Invoice)

  • Finance (General Expense Claim, Budget Modification)

  • Operations ( Helpdesk, Application Change Request, Procedures Distribution,…)

  • HR (New Employee, Job Termination, Time Attendance, New Hire Request, Training Request,..)

  • Engineering (ECO by 3rd party partner)

  • Sales (Sales Order, Internal SO, Contract,…)

  • Web Client UI

  • Web Administration UI – programming not required

  • Multi-language – user’s preference

  • Online & Offline access – IE, Email link, PBE

  • Single Sign In – incl. from Corporate Portal

  • High performance of large volumes

  • Active Directory

  • ERP – Oracle Applications, QAD, SBO, BAAN, Priority, etc.

  • Concurrent multi – ERP connectivity

  • Direct links to other enterprise databases – budget segments, items, suppliers, etc.

  • Finance – create GL records

  • Graphic workflow schema designer

  • Built of Roles, Individuals & Non-Human operations

  • Reusable workflow Sub-schemas

  • Dynamic workflow

  • Group Roles

  • Standard time, Alerts and Escalation

  • Inherent Budget monitoring

  • Multiple Budget Matrices

  • Monetary values by currencies & Quantities

  • Bidirectional Drilldown

  • Financial Applications Integration

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