BizDoc Benefits & Advantages

BizDoc Benefits

by improvement of internal procedures and control of expenditures, reducing time spent on tedious jobs, replacing group meetings with asynchronies activities.

by providing full control over processes, when and by whom to do, and what to do; providing version control and logs for accountability.

enables executives to make better decisions based on the facts that are at their fingertips

BizDoc improves budget monitoring by providing up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate financial information

intelligent workflow reduces bottlenecks and tedious bureaucracy

with BizDoc in place, everyone has to go by “the book”. No more undocumented shortcuts!

by managing document distribution, including attachments and comments.

remote customers and suppliers can be authorized to quote, confirm prices, modify quantities, advise deliveries, etc.

fast deployment, low cost implementation and low maintenance costs are achieved due to BizDoc’s architecture, workflow concepts and comprehensive administration and tools

BizDoc Advantages

Robust, standards based modular platform Reporting facility enables performance tracking for improvement of internal procedures and evaluation of operations.

Non-stop operation, accessibility via Internet/Intranet from anywhere, anytime using Internet browsers on Microsoft operating systems.

Customizable from small to large implementations, in local as well as worldwide and distributed organizations.

Takes only minutes to train end-users. In addition, BizDoc’s programming-free Administration tool enables easy definition of business procedures, organization structure, roles and routing

Comprehensive tools for planning and testing the behavior of processes, roles and procedures. Produces a graphical presentation of routes used for modeling

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