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BIM - BizDoc Intelligence Module

BIM Introduction

BizDoc Intelligence Module (BIM, internally called Crystal) is a decision support expert intelligence software application, designed and developed for common as well as specific needs determined by BizDoc customers.

Like many other BizDoc-based applications, BIM utilizes and shares BizDoc environment concurrently with other implementations.

BIM can be easily adapted to marketing, technology, government organizations, and other areas of interest.

BIM Objectives

The main objective of BIM is to maximize availability of data and information obtained by computerized systems, or resides with individuals’ memory. This objective is further developed into the following goals:

  • Improve information integrity and availability for decision making.
  • Make tacit knowledge tangible for others.
  • Improve definition, preparations and execution of field operations, projects, tasks, etc.
  • Maintain a central database that includes various types of data, and provides instant access to related multimedia items such as video, still photos, etc.
  • Allow and maintain unlimited number of database links, direct or indirect, among all database objects.
  • Enable research of the database and sophisticated data extraction using simple and intuitive data analysis tools.

BIM Advantages

  • Provides integrated textual, visual and voice in-depth information.
  • Illuminates ties and connections between data elements, supporting expert intelligence.
  • Friendly and easy to use user interface.
  • Improves organizational knowledge management by sharing and linking tacit knowledge within communities of practice.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Accessible via Internet browser, or email, by devices and interfaces, including Smartphones and other mobile tablets.
  • Short ROI time and low cost of ownership and maintenance.

More advantages inherited from BizDoc

  • Regulation Compliance – Operation Control
  • Expedite procedures – Release bottlenecks
  • Tedious work elimination – Paperless office
  • Accurate information
  • Traceability – WWW – Who does, What, and When
  • Process Documentation availability
  • Expandable to serve may processes and solutions
  • Unified platform – Any Workflow, Any Process, Any Industry
  • Inherent Budget Control
  • Workflow automation, Content sensitive, Dynamic Approval Routing
  • Standard time per tasks, escalation and alert procedures
  • Web centric system – Online and Offline operation
  • Personal preferences (email notifications, language, assignments,…)

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